The role of SyC SE WG6 to provide a collaboration platform and community have been stressed out, with a focus on the following topics :

  • Smart Energy ontology definition, including methodology and processes, link with other frameworks
  • Managing ‘profiles’ derived from an IEC standard (governance, processes, tools)
  • Tools and libraries supporting WG6 proposed methodologies (UC, SGAM-SE ext, SE ontology)
  • Trainings (webinars, guidelines …)

The main deliverables of the IEC SyC SE WG6 have been :

IEC 62913 series 

The IEC SRD 62913 delivers an applicable methodology to draft Use Cases (Part 1), clarifying ‘who does what’ with regards to Smart Energy Use Cases, and it also initiates the process of listing, organising and making available the Use Cases which carry the Smart Energy requirements which should be addressed by the IEC core technical standards (Part 2).

The Smart energy Grid Architecture Model (SGAM) is a three-dimensional architectural framework that can be used to model interactions (mostly exchange of information) between different entities located within the smart energy arena (to come)