IEC SyC Smart Energy – Chairman advisory Group (CAG)

The chairman advisory group takes an important place within the organisation of the IEC System Committee Smart Energy. It aims at not only providing advises to the chairman, but offers as well a place to debate about potential challenging situations, especially when dealing with interacting with other bodies such as the IEC TCs/SCs , or external bodies (regional or other standardisation organizations). In addition it aims at establishing a communication plan of IEC SyC Smart Energy, at promoting the activities inside and outside the IEC. It also works at solving new types of issues faced by the IEC System Committee Smart Energy, such as the type of deliverables which suits at best its deliveries, at acting as the editorial direction of the web site, at fine tuning the processes between its different WGs…

WG 2 (Development Plan)

WG 3 (Roadmap)

WG 5 (Methodology and Tools)

WG 6 (Generic Smart Grid Requirements)

AG 1 (Technical Committees Forum)

CAG (Chairman’s Advisory Group)