NISTIR 7628 Cyber Security Controls

The NISTIR 7628 consists of guidelines intended primarily for addressing cyber security of Smart Grid systems and the constituent subsystems of hardware and software components. The NISTIR 7628 guidelines are very similar in scope to the ISO/IEC 27019 standard, except these guidelines focus exclusively on the Smart Grid sector. It defines approximately 300 high-level security controls, based on similar security controls in other NIST documents, including the NIST Framework

NISTIR 7628 Cyber Security Logical Reference Model

These NISTIR 7628 guidelines also extend these cyber security controls beyond the general requirements. They describe a high-level logical interface reference model which defines 22 logical interface categories. These logical interface categories are characterized by the communication requirements and constraints between systems within and across Smart Grid domains, covering: operations, market operations, back office systems, substations, customer sites, DER, and other field equipment. For each of these logical interface categories, the appropriate high-level security requirements are also identified and annotated. The Figure below shows the Logical Reference Model (sometimes referred to as “the Spaghetti Diagram” that illustrates the types of communication requirements and constraints associated with the Smart Grid.

NISTIR 7628 “Spaghetti Diagram” High Level Logical Reference Model