The structure of the SyC Smart Energy Working Groups is designed to consistently manage the processes across the Committee.
In order for IEC to deliver new standards and amendment of existing standards for Smart Energy, it is necessary to identify requirements, analyze gaps, resolve each gap’s situations (milestones, timeline, dependencies, etc.) with the relevant TC’s, proceed developing process by timetable, and manage development status by the trace of the processes.

SyC Smart Energy structure is designed around this process.

WG6 (Generic Smart Grid Requirements)

SyC Smart Grid Requirements Uses Cases identifies the requirements

WG3 (Smart Energy Roadmap)

SyC-SE Roadmap selects priority development items and publishes guidance to standard users typically under the “IEC/TR 63097 roadmap” document in order to help them selecting the most appropriate set of standards within all known standards applying to a selected area.

WG5 (Methodology and Tools)

SyC Methodology and Tools ensures the mechanisms are in place and built for purpose

WG2 (Development Plan)

Prepares, resolves situations, summary of timetable for each item.

IEC SyC Smart energy

The Forums (AG 1 to 4) are designed to improve communication and coordination of cross group activities within the field of Smart Energy. In particular the various group Forums strive to open up Technical Committee silo activities by providing workshop environment and discussing topical cross committee subjects.

IEC Smart Energy Development Plan

IEC Smart Energy Roadmap

Methodology and Tools

Generic Smart Grid Requirements

Technical Committees Forum

Chairman’s Advisory Group