The aim of this Smart Grid Standardization Roadmap document is to provide standards users with guidelines to select the most appropriate set of standards and specifications based on Smart Energy use cases. These standards and specifications are either existing or planned, and are provided by IEC or other bodies, .  It also aims at creating a common set of guiding principles that can be referenced by end-users and integrators who are responsible for the specification, design, and implementation of Smart Energy Systems.

This roadmap presents an inventory of existing and future standards, and puts them into perspective regarding the different Smart Grid applications. The intention is to facilitate the choice of the relevant standards for all Smart Grid products, application and systems, given the fact that such a scope is complex and moving. 

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For an easier reading the Smart Grid is broken down into systems

Each system is provided with a set of use cases, and recommandations for the best suited standards, at component, communication or information levels .

The IEC, as the only international standardization organization in the field of electrotechnical standardization, is ideally positioned to provide such document. However, IEC is not the only body contributing to Smart Energy standardization; this document shows that IEC covers only 50% of the used standards or specifications.

This roadmap identified :

  • 564 standards ( 50 % from IEC)
  • 19 systems and 9 cross-cutting areas
  • List item