One concrete approach consists of collectively elaborating on a master development plan to visualize new ideas under consideration by the TCs/SCs consistently with the ongoing program of work, much earlier than when they are officially circulated and visible.

The main tasks of WG 2 are:

(a)To visualize (Gantt chart) a plan of the smart energy standards for the industry– From information provided by AG1-From the top down process operated in SyC Smart Energy (WG3)

(b) To establish, and maintain a dashboard of actions to resolve Situations (milestones, timeline, dependencies) and monitor actions.

(c) To present identified Situations by other SyC WGs (explanation, proposals to resolve the situation). To propose optimal paths to address the situations for discussion and choice by the TCs (AG1); Capture the choice. If there are several TCs involved work with an appointed Led (by AG1) to resolve the situation.

(d) Emphasize priorities from an industry system viewpoint

Main deliveries

IEC SRD 63199

Top priority Standards development status in the domain of Smart Energy (To come)