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We are the IEC System Committee Smart Energy

We aim to provide a “GPS or Radar” to the TC/SCs and to other Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and Consortia, related to standardization in the Smart Energy domain. Our goal is to enable the entire community operating while helping stakeholders to identify their position in the whole system that they are contributing to. One concrete approach consists of collectively elaborating on a master Development Plan to visualize new ideas under consideration by the TCs/SCs and other SDOs, much earlier than when they are effectively implemented. That approach should help in preventing, rather than resolving potential conflicting activities which are increasing regarding systems.


Smart energy


Standardization in the field of Smart Energy in order to provide systems level standardization, coordination and guidance in the areas of Smart Grid and Smart Energy, including interaction in the areas of Heat and Gas.


To widely consult within the IEC community and the broader stakeholder community to provide overall systems level value, support and guidance to the TCs and other standard development groups, both inside and outside the IEC.


To liaise and cooperate with the IEC System Committee on the electrotechnical aspects of Smart Cities and future System Evaluation Groups (SEGs), as well as the IEC Systems Resource Group.

SyC Smart energy at a glance

Established in 2014, has:
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experts from 28 countries